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If you are interested in Cybersecurity and are a major/minor at The University of Tampa, join our club. You’ll get hands on technical experience and get to network with potential employers.

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Learn more about the UT Cybersecurity Club.

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Meet our Club Leadership Team

Angelo DeStephano

Angelo is currently serving as President of the Cybersecurity Club. He was worked across multiple fields in the IT industry including Help Desk, Networking, and Information Security. He brings new leadership to the club and is bringing exciting changes for the 2023-2024 school year.

William Vasilakos

Vice President
Will is a junior cybersecurity major. He has an interest in coding and CTF challenges. Additionally, he will be the president of the Root-UT club in Fall 2024.

Hunter Mauldin

Operations Manager
Hunter is a senior cybersecurity major graduating in Decemeber 2023. He is a student in ROTC and had an internship with AFIT.

Andrew Bonds

Head Officer
Andrew is a Senior Cybersecurity major graduating in May 2024. He will be making sure the club runs smoothly.

Ivan Marchany

Alumni Advisor
Ivan previously served as Vice President of the club. He graduated in May 2019 with a Masters Degree in Cybersecurity. He currently works for Raymond James and is a part of their ADP program focused on Cybersecurity.

Ricky Salgado

Alumni Advisor
Ricky previously served as President of the Cybersecurity Club. He graduated in May 2019 with a Masters Degree in Cybersecurity and is now serving as an advisor for the club.

Dr. Gerard DeLeoz

Faculty Advisor
Dr. De Leoz is an Assistant Professor of Business Information and Technology at UT. He has over 15 years of IT professional experience, which stimulates his desire to teach students and perform research.